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Regardless of the workshop's focus or the age of the participants, my approach is always that writing comes from abundance. We all have a wealth of feelings and experiences to write from and we all have a voice we can trust in putting words on paper. I see my role as threefold:

  • giving people a prompt that puts them in touch with that wealth
  • providing a supportive atmosphere in which to explore it
  • listening and, if they want, offering suggestions on how to develop their writing further.

If I'm working with young children or a large group, I may take them through this process to write poem together. With older students and adults, I'll lead them into writing on their own.

Workshops can focus on:

  • inviting the voice (general exploration)
  • poetry
  • fiction
  • memoir
  • writer's notebook
  • writing for children
  • revision
  • introduction to writing for newly literate adults

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